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The U.S. government continues to fortify what Jon Hillson called "its iron curtain aimed at quarantining Americans from all things Cuban," hammering hardest at the right to travel. Washington is strengthening its de facto travel ban --eliminating the license that covered 85% of all legal trips, refusing to renew other licenses, and surveilling foreign airports for Americans getting off planes from Cuba, among other recent measures.

And in June 2004, new U.S. government regulations limited Cuban-American family visits to one every three years (with no humanitarian or emergency exceptions) and reduced the amount they can spend (and send) there, while simultaneously eliminating all 'fully-hosted' trips and nearly all travel for education.

At the same time Washington blocks invited Cuban artists, musicians, and speakers from visiting the United States. Defending the right to travel --both to and from Cuba-- is more important than ever, especially by visiting Cuba yourself.


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Venezuela Labor and Ecology Trip: Oct. 6-16

Queers to Cuba: December 27 - January 3

Global Exchange programs: ongoing

Caribbean Medical Transport: deliver humanitarian aid

Please visit Marazul Charters and Common Ground Travel for additional trips.


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