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Washington’s lock-down on travel and truth about Cuba means that every effort to break through the siege is valuable. We want and need your help! Here are some things you can do.


Read Cuba’s leaders in their own words;

Browse our collection of materials about Cuba;

Go to other online resources, especially Cuban links;

Educate yourself with books and movies.

Join the mailing list for regular updates of Cuba news and actions.


Volunteer to help at (no high-tech skills required);

Lobby for a change in Washington’s Cuba policy;

Travel to Cuba and see for yourself;

Write letters to the newspapers to combat their regular falsehoods;

Download leaflets to distribute;

Check on events in your area;

Find and join a group close to you.

Send a donation of any size to:

c/o Don Goldhamer
P.O. Box 469
Chicago IL 60690


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