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Though Washington does all it can to keep people from learning about Cuba, a variety of online material helps break the information blockade. Librarian Dana Lubow has collected nearly 1000 sites and organized them into the categories that appear below. Please let us know if you've linked to us, or if there are other important sites we should add. For the world's most comprehensive collection of Cuban websites please visit (searchable)

Worldwide websites ABOUT Cuba

Cuba's own sites – highlights
International Solidarity
Misc. Documents and Articles
Misc. Sites about Cuba
NNOC Member Groups
Politics and Politicians
U.S. Government

Cuba's Own Web Sites – complete and comprehensive (separate page)

Art and Culture
Economy and Business
Internet and Computing
Media (periodicals, radio, and television)
Politics and Government
Science and Technology
Travel and Tourism


Anti-Terrorism -
Up-to-date news, information and analysis relating to terrorism and acts of aggression against Cuba, as well as to the five Cubans unjustly incarcerated in the United States for defending their country against terrorism.

CubaWeb -
Portal to numerous sites.

Free the Five -
Site devoted to one of the most important issues in U.S./Cuban relations – the unjust imprisonment of five Cubans in U.S. jails on frame-up charges of spying.

Granma -
Cuba's main daily newspaper. Also available in French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish. Portal to numerous sites.

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Background Notes: Cuba -
Statisics, geographical information, history, government, political conditions, economy, foreign relations, and basic travel information are provided. Additionally, U.S. officials and consulate officers are given. Updated regularly. From the U.S. Department of State.

CIA World Factbook, Cuba -
A reference work for basic statistical data about Cuba. From the Central Intelligence Agency.

The Cuban Experience -
"All aspects of Cuban culture, history, and politics while also discussing the people, places, recent events, and travel opportunities." A Think Quest site.

Cuba Inside Out -
Site includes both current events and archives of journalist Karen Wald's files on a variety of Cuban topics in Cuba that she's written about or collected. Wald is a long-time teacher and journalist who regularly reports from Cuba, author of the book 'Children of Che'.

Directories -
From the Latin American Informaiton Network at the University of Texas, Austin in the areas of Academic Research Resources, Arts and Humanities, Economy and Trade, General, Government, Human rights, citizenship & Social Justice, Magazines and Peridocicals, Network & Inforation Services, News, Portals, Directories & Search sites, Radio and Television, Sports, and Travel & Tourism. 

Eldis: Country Profiles -
"A gateway to information on development issues, providing free and easy access to wide range of high quality online resources." Includes social, economic, political and environmental issues. Searchable. News feeds and emails available.

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Cuba Documentation Project -
Declassified documents about the Bay of Pigs, the Cuban Missle Crisis, and the Death of Che Guevara. Fom the National Security Archive at George Washington University.

Cuban Missle Crisis -
"A a complete history of this Cold War event along with biographies of the major players: John F. Kennedy, Fidel Castro, and Nikita Krushchev." A Think Quest site.

Cuban Heritage Digital Collection -
Several collections of letters, documents, reports, and photographs from various periods in Cuba's history. Included are those from the Ten Year War (1868-1878); War of Independence (1895-1898); the Bay of Pigs Invasion (1961), and more. From the University of Miami, Otto G. Richter Library.

Cuban Revolution -
Overview of the Cuban Revolution for Nelson Valdes' sociology class.

Historian Jane Franklin -
Features in-depth looks at issues ranging from the Bay of Pigs to the shootdown of the Brothers to the Rescue planes.

History of Guantanamo Bay -
Based on two volumes of "the history of both the area and of the base, contributed to the base by a former Commander, Naval Base Guantanamo Bay." It begins with Columbus' discovery of the Cuban bay in the Caribbean through the Spanish loss in 1898 and until 1982. Includes appendices for the flora and fauna, treaties and agreements of 1934, bibliography, and more. Also provides additional histories of Guantanamo Bay.

Manuel R. Bustamente Photograph Collection 1890s-1999 -
From a collection of "photographs of Cuba from the turn of the 20th century to the 1990s." Hundreds of images of Churches and Altars, Cities and Towns, Faces of Cuba, Industry and Economy, Landscapes, and Rural Life. From the Cuban Heritage Digital Collection of the Otto G. Richter Library, University of Miami.

The Platt Amendment, 1901 -
Early guidelines for U.S. – Cuba relations.

1898 - 1998: Centennial of the Spanish American War -

The Spanish-American War -

Spanish-American War -

U.S. Terrorism in the Americas (Terrorismo 'Made in USA' en las Américas) -
This online encyclopedia includes 800 articles "containing the essentials on the multifaceted and reactionary violence promoted, supported and carried out by both the U.S. government and its servants in Latin America." It includes information on terrorists, former dictators, videos, and interviews about topics such as the Condor Plan, School of the Americas, and a chronology of terrorists acts in Latin America since 1947. It also includes links to 56 publications from 14 countries. Available in both English and Spanish. Searchable.


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There are over 1600 Cuba solidarity organizations in the world, a small portion of which appear below.


Amigos de Cuba -
Includes list of povincial organizations.


Australia & New Zealand-Cuba Friendship Societies – no web site

Australia-Cuba Friendship Society – Caberra -

Democratic Socialist Party Cuba Solidarity -


Osterreichisch-Kubanische Gesellschaft (no web site)


Cubanismo -


Canadian Network on Cuba -
Thorough and timely. Has provincial links.

Canadian-Cuban Friendship Association -
In English, French and Spanish. Has a list of other Canadian solidarity organizations.

Nova Scotia -

Amigos de Cuba -
In Spanish and English.

Canada Cuba -
Providing joint programs of exploration in the arts, sport and education.

Queen's University, Ontario, Canada -
Study in Cuba.


Dansk-Cubansk Forening -


Suomi-Kuuba-Seura -


Cuba Solidarity Project -

Other French Solidarity groups -

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Cuba Truth Project, available in English, Spanish and Tagalog.


Netzwerk-Cuba -

Freundschaftsgesellschaft BRD-Kuba e.V. -


Cuba Support Group – Ireland -


Associazione Nazionale di Amicizia Italia-Cuba -

Comitato di solidarietà per Cuba — La Villetta -

Free the Five -

Cuba y Cuba -


Solidarity with Cuba Campaign -

Malaysia - Regularly updated site


Cubasolidaridad -

Movimiento Mexicano de Solidaridad con Cuba -
Has good collection of links for Cuba.

New Zealand

Australia & New Zealand-Cuba Friendship Societies – no web site


Amigos de Cuba -


Associacao de Amizade Portugal-Cuba -


Scottish Cuba Solidarity Campaign – no web site

South Africa

Friends of Cuba Society in South Africa – no web site


Associaciójosémartíd’amistatambcubavalència -

Coordinadora Estatal de Solidaridad con Cuba -

Euskadi–Cuba -

Defensem Cuba -

ong sodepaz: CUBA -

Solidaridad con Cuba -

Solidaritat amb  Cuba -

Tiempo de Cuba -
Solidarity magazine from Andalusia Spain

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Elak - Svensk-Kubanska Föreningen -

Svensk-Kubanska Föreningen -


Camaquito – Cuba -

Asociación Suiza-Cuba -
Available in  French, German, Italian, and Spanish.

MediCuba – Suisse -
Solidarity organizataion in the health field. Available in Spanish, French, Italian, and German.

United Kingdom

Cuba Solidarity Campaign -
The central UK solidarity organisation.

Blackpool and Fylde Solidarity Campaign -

United States

National Network on Cuba (NNOC) member groups -

CubaSolidarityNY -
The NNOC New York City solidarity organization.

Milwaukee Coalition to Normalize Relations with Cuba -

No War on Cuba -
Washington D.C. solidarity group.

Project InfoMed -

Seattle/Cuba Friendship Association -

Veterans Delegations to Cuba-
'The ongoing project of encouraging U.S. Veterans to travel to Cuba.'

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How To Reach Organizations and People Involved In Cuba Solidarity Efforts -
Last updated, April 30, 2000. Alphabetical by state /province or country.

Worldwide list of solidarity organizations, many without a web presence  Includes street address, telephone and fax numbers, and  may include web address, and email if available.

List of  Euoropean Solidarity organizations on a resolution about the Cuban 5. Some do not have a web presence.

Other European solidarity groups -

Cuban Libraries Solidarity Group -
An international organization made up of librarians who support Cuban libraries. There is a lot of informtion about Cuban education, literacy and libraries as well as information about the so-called "independent libraries."

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Cuba: Issues and Answers -
"A progressive view of important issues concerning Cuba, including dozens of articles and links." The issues include: Cuba Under Siege, Democracy in Cuba, Human Rights, Economic Reforms, and Achievements of the Revolution.

Facts file on Cuba -
Answers to Frequently Asked Questions.

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Cuban-American Alliance -
"To facilitate communication about rallies, demonstrations, organizational events, or call-to-action, calls to legislators or any effort that promotes ending the Cuban Embargo and the normalization of Trade. CAAEF press releases will be posted here as well."

CubaNews -
A wide range of news and information about the island, the Cuban community abroad, Cuba's international relations, and related topics. Primarily in English, occasional articles in Spanish.

CubaSi -
Information and discussion about Cuba.

Cuba Inside Out -
List deals with current events, both in Cuba and around the world (showing the way Cuba would view those, for the most part, such as what's happening in Venezuela or Palestine). Much is critical analysis of corporate media reporting on Cuba, with corrections, clarifications, additional information, etc. Run by long-time Cuba reporter and U.S. teacher Karen Wald, author of the book 'Children of Che'.

Free the Five -

National Lawyers Guild -
News and updates about Cuba. Send email to subscribe.

National Network on Cuba -
"The National Network on Cuba (NNOC) is the U.S. umbrella organization for groups and individuals in solidarity with Cuba and in opposition to the U.S. blockade."

No War on Cuba -
"This group focuses on exchanges information on the current situation concerning threats to the sovereignty, peace and well-being of Cuba."

PhilaCubaCo -
The Philadelphia Cuba Solidarity Coalition organizes events and activities that defend Cuba's sovereignty, publicize the achievements of the revolution, support normalized U.S./Cuban relations, and promote travel and other people-to-people contact between Cubans and Americans. Lower-volume list features key statements from Cuba.

San Francisco Cuba Alliance -
"Alliance of groups and individuals working together in support of Cuban sovereignty."

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American Democracy: a Lesson for Cuba -
By Nelson Valdes.

Beisbol Diplomacy -
Declassified documents from 1975 Reveal Secret U.S.-Cuban Negotiations for Exhibition Games which chronicles the origins of "baseball diplomacy." From the National Security Archive at George Washington University.

Castro, Bioterrorism, and the Elusive Quote -
By Nelson Valdes.

Concerned about prostitution, Mr. President?  Try Reno: Bush, Electoral Politics and Cuba's "Illicit Sex Trade" -
By Nelson Valdes.

Cuba and Its Defense of All Human Rights for All -
A document submitted by Cuba as a supplement to the59th session of the U.N. Commission on Human Rights.

Discussion on the "Independent" Cuban  Libraries -
Background and articles. From the International  Responsibilities Task Force of the Social Responsibilities Round Table of the American Library Association.

Karen Lee Wald's Writings -
Essays and commentaries about Cuba from a long-time activist.

Ignored Majority: The Moderate Cuban-American Community -
An analysis about the changing face of the Cuban American population, complete with statistics. From the Latin American Working Group.

The Impact of the Internet on the Politics of Cuba -
Article that examine[s] the dramatic growth of the Internet and look at how this new communication paradigm has presented the government of Cuba with an opportunity to overcome the hegemony of the Western media and promote its own views on the world stage. By Andy Williamson.

Latin America in Crisis: Cuba's Self-Reliance in the Storm -
By Nelson Valdes.

An Open Letter to George W. Bush on U.S. Policy towards Cuba By Nelson Valdes.

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AfroCubaWeb -
"Many people don't know that an estimated 70% of Cubans have African ancestors...." An introduction of different aspects of Cuba's African cultures including music, art, theater, festivals, poets, and authors. There is a list of conferences and organizations that teach courses and workshops or are involved in the promotion of the African cultures of Cuba. Searchable.

An American's First Visit to Cuba -
A personal journal by the Rev. Joseph H. Irwin, Jr., Minister of Communication, Pennsylvania Southeast Conference, United Church of Christ about his first trip to Cuba.

S. Brian Wilson's Cuba Site -
Chronicles of U.S.-contocted distortions about Cuba.

Cuba Aids Project -
"A non-political, USA based humanitarian organization operating in support of HIV/ AIDS patients and their families in Cuba."

Center for International Policy's Cuba Program -
An organization that promotes "a U.S. foreign policy based on international cooperation, demilitarization and respect for basic human rights." Has a lot of information about the travel ban, Cuba and terrorism, human rights, the embargo, and more. Large collection of related links.

The Chairman Smiles: Cuban Posters -

CubaAmigo -
A photographic exploration of life in Cuba. Also available in Spanish.

Cubarte: the Portal of the Cuban Culture -
About arts and culture. Available also in English and French.

Cuba Maps -
A collection of maps of Cuba including political, historical, and relief maps. From the Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection at the University of Texas.

Cuban Poster Art -
A history and exhibition of Cuban poster art. From librarian Lincoln Cushing.

IFCO/Pastors for Peace -
Breaking the U.S. blockade with Caravans to Cuba

International Action Center -
Peace and justice struggles around the world. Has section for Cuba.

La pagina de Silvio Rodriguez -
Page for one of Cuba’s cultural treasures, singer-songwriter Silvio Rodríguez.

Latin American Working Group: Cuba -
Information about what's happening in the U.S. Congress in regards to Cuba. Good collection of links. -
'Books to change the world.'

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The Militant -
Socialist newsweekly, good coverage of Cuba. Searchable.

Mujeres -
Online magazine for women. Only in Spanish.

National Committee to Free the Five Cubans -
Information about the five Cuban citizens unjustly imprisoned in the U.S.

National Lawyers Guild Subcommittee -
Members try to follow US/Cuba Developments and to use their legal skills to help normalize relations and end the travel restrictions and U.S. economic blockade.

Nova Scotia Cuba Association -
List of links.

Ocean Books -
Australian publishing house specializing in Cuban issues.

Pathfinder Press -
Int'l publishing house specializing in books by revolutionaries; extensive Cuba section. Works in English, Spanish, French, Swedish, Icelandic, Greek, and Farsi.

Project InfoMed Cuba Solidarity Web -
Provides support of public health development in the third world and the Republic of Cuba in particular through the Cuban medical information network (InfoMed).

Send A Piana To Havana -
Information on how to donate pianos for schools in Cuba. Contact information provided.

Vitalidad Cubana -
A collection of photographs of people and places in La Havana and Vinales, Cuba, taken by Stefan Cohen in 1999. From the Center for Latin American Studies, University of California, Berkeley.

Walter Lippmann -
Comprehensive list of links; site operated by frequent Cuba visitor and writer.

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Newspapers from Cuba -
A collection of links to Cuban newspapers. From the Latin American Information Network at the University of Texas, Austin.

AIN: National News Agency -

Antiterroristas -
Up to date news, information and analysis relating to terrorism and acts of aggression against Cuba, as well as to the five Cubans unjustly incarcerated in the United States for defending their country against terrorism. From journalists, broadcasters and academics who are collaborating within the Antiterrorist Working Group, and acting as consultants to the Cuban Parliament and other major governmental and non-governmental institutions in Cuba. Also information about the Cuban 5.  Searchable. In English and Spanish.

CubaDebate -
A collection of articles by Cuban and international journalists writing about terrorism and the defamation campaigns against Cuba. Primarily in Spanish. Searchable.

CubaNow -
The Digital Magazine of Cuban Arts and Culture. A collection of articles about Cuban people, music, film, literature, arts, culture, and more.

CubaSi -
Online news and culture magazine. Also available in English.

Cuba Socialista -
The political and theorist magazine. There is a large collection of Cuban links. Also available in Spanish.

Granma International -
Cuba's main, daily newspaper. Issued also in Spanish, French, German, Italian, and Portuguese.

Juventud Rebelde -
A newspaper written for teens. Originally Spanish only, now in English as well. Searchable.

Prensa Latina -
Cuban news agency with bureaus all over the world. Also available in Spanish, Italian, Portuguese.

Trabajadores Digital -
Online labor newspaper. Small segment in English, majority in Spanish.

World Data Service / Noticias de WDRC -
WDRC is a new agency which researches and distributes news about Cuba. Only
in Spanish.

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Cuban Constitution -
In English. (Best viewed with Safari or Explorer.)

Castro Speech Database -
Includes speeches, interviews, etc., by Fidel Castro from 1959 to 1996. All texts are in English.  More recent speeches or texts in Spanish are found at Discursos e Intervenciones de Fidel Castro (

Constituciones Cubanas -
A collection of eleven historic Cuban constitutions dating back to 1869.. There is a dictionary, biographies, legislative chronology, symbols, and more. Searchable. In Spanish

Fidel Castro: a Mini-biography -
Brief biography written by University of New Mexico sociology professor Nelson Valdes.

The Fidel Castro Collection -
Ten speeches by Fidel Castro, primarily from the early days of the Revolution

Fidel Castro History Archive  -
A collection of Fidel Castro's speeches (including History Will Absolve Me). There is also a section on Cuban history.

Jimmy Carter's visit to Cuba -
A collection of Jimmy Carter's writings and speeches about his visit to Cuba in 2002.

Latin American Election Statistics: A Guide to Sources,
Provides a chronology of elections since independence at the municipal state and federal levels in the Spanish-speaking countries of Latin America, including Cuba. Includes lists of sources for all statistics and other information provided on the website. As of July 2002, full data for Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, El Salvador, Honduras, Mexico and Panama are available. Updates are posted regularly.

Cuba and U.S. Relations: The Helms-Burton Act and Its International Implications -
From students at Earlham College.

U.S. Legislation on Cuba -
Links to seventeen articles, acts, fact sheets, statements about U.S. legislation and more. From the U.S. Interests Section in Cuba. It includes the full text of the Helms Burton Act.

Works by José Martí -
In Spanish.

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CubaVision -
Streaming TV from Cuba. Primarily news. Programs are archived. Searchable.

Radio Havana -
Cuban radio station, streaming in nine languages: Spanish, English, French, Portuguese, Arabic, Quechua, Guarani, Creole and Esperanto, thirty hours a day, with a varied programming that includes news, music and features. The schedule is provided.

Radio Rebelde -
Streaming primarily information and news in Spanish 24 hours a day. A schedule is provided.

Radio Reloj -
A news radio with information about news, economy, sports, science, culture, and more. Streaming audio is available as well as text articles. Available only in Spanish.

Radio Táino -
Streaming culture and music. In Spanish.

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Common Ground Travel -
Specializing in travel to Cuba; news about the travel ban and the fight against it.

Cuba Pictures -
One hundred and twenty six photos by David Stanley, author of the first two editions of Lonely Planet's Cuba guidebook. Focuses on real Cuban life rather than the touristic. Additional useful information and links.

Cubaweb -
Cuban site designed for tourism. Also has news, culture, links to government, and more. Also available in Spanish.

Destination Cuba -
Travel guide from Lonely Planet Guides.

Global Exchange -
Has information about Cuba as well providing tours to visit the island.

International Bicycle Fund -
Good collection of Cuba travel links and information.

Marazul Charters
Leading U.S.-Cuba travel provider.

Travel Places -
Worldwide travel info, has link to

Witness for Peace -
Organizes trips to Columbia, Mexico, Nicaragua, and Venezuela (previous license for trips to Cuba not renewed by U.S. government).

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Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) -
U.S. government regulations on Cuba travel from the Department of the Treasury.

Report to the President: Commission for Assistance to a Free Cuba -
May 6, 2004

USAID Cuba Program -

U.S. State Department Cuba Program -

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