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A Political Prize, Unjustly Awarded
The criminal Guillermo Fariñas, Western darling
by Salim Lamrani (10 November)

Behind the New Economic Measures in Cuba
Advancing the revolution in today's world
by Ike Nahem (26 October)

‘Endless Chain of Terrorist Plans, Attacks against Cuba’
Presidential speech on Victims of State Terrorism Day
by Raúl Castro (6 October)

Cuban Workers Disscuss, Decide Economic Changes
No 'shock therapy'
by Isaac Saney (20 September)

The Alan Gross Case
Damning case against U.S. agent captured in Cuba
by Sal Landau (28 July 2010)

'Spending beyond Income Jeopardizes Revolution'
Cuban president explains economic challenges to revo youth
by Raúl Castro (new October intro and excerpt of April 2010 address)

NNOC Condemns FBI Raids, Urges Protests
Peace activists targeted, real terrorists walk (3 October)

Cuba and the Number of 'Political Prisoners'
Actual numbers vs. the propaganda
by Salim Lameri (August 2010)

Latest on The Five
Interview with attorney Leonard Weinglass (15 June)

The Insanities of Our Times
Ignorance, dangers grow
by Fidel Castro (26 April 2010)

Corruption: The True Counter-Revolution?
Cuban scholar adds his voice to the revolutionary leadership's
by Esteban Morales (21 April 2010)

Two Centuries of Common History Have Taught Us We Have Only One Alternative: Unite, Fight, and Overcome
by Raúl Castro (19 April 2010)

How You Can Help People in Haiti
Solidarity without paternalistic interventionism

Cuban Prisoners, Here and There
Evidence shows who should be ashamed
by Michael Parenti and Alicia Jrapko (15 April 2010)

Selective Commendation, Selective Indignation: Recent Media Coverage of Cuba
Important study reveals enormous bias
by Emily Kirk, John Kirk, and Norman Girvan (14 April 2010)

We Will Defend the Truth with Our Ethics and Our Principles
Granma editorial answers anti-Cuba campaign (8 April 2010)

‘Focusing on Problems, Economic Battle Main Task’
Frank address to revolutionary youth congress
by Raúl Castro (4 April 2010)

Cuban Medical Cooperation with Haiti
One of the world's best-kept secrets
by Emily J. Kirk and John M. Kirk (1 April 2010)

Colonial Thinking and Imperialist Strategy
Journalists answer latest hue and cry
by the Unión de Periodistas de Cuba (27 March 2010)

Orlando Zapata Tamayo, a Case of Political Manipulation
Transcript or video of Cuban TV broadcast (3 March 10)

Obama and Cuba: End of an Illusion
Administration carries on eternal yankee policy
by Ike Nahem (12 March 10)

Whose Interests are Media Serving with Lies about Cuba?
Canadian Network on Cuba on case of Orlando Zapata Tamayo

'Systematic and Flagrant Violations of Human Rights'
Cuban foreign minister hits 'advanced' countries (3 March 10)

Haiti: New U.S. Military Base?
Earthquake pretext to complete strategic control of Caribbean (21 Jan 10)

Haiti's Suffering Result of Calculated Impoverishment
from The Guardian newspaper (21 Jan 10)

On the So-Called Rescue Operation
by Nelson Valdez (17 Jan 10)

Haiti Rescue Effort Targets Wealthy, Ignores Poor
Port-au-Prince Eyewitness (15 Jan 10)

Lessons of Haiti
by Fidel Castro (14 Jan 10)

NNOC Fall Meeting Report
(6 Nov 09)

Solidarity Leader Leaves Legacy of Unyielding Strength and Unfailing Humor
Patsy Behrend presente! (2 Nov 09)

Cuba's Message to Patsy Behrend
Love, appreciation, and solidarity (28 Oct 09)

Juanes in Cuba: Quite a Concert
More than one million at Cuban 'Peace Concert'
by Alfredo Prieto (21 September 09)

Almeida Lives Today More Than Ever
An appreciation of Comandante Juan Almeida Bosque
by Fidel Castro (13 September 09)

'I Wasn't Elected to Restore Capitalism'
Speech to annual Parliamentary executive assembly
by Raúl Castro (1 August 09)

'Our Modest Results Reaffirm Our Optimism and Confidence That Yes, We Can Do It!'
Speech on occasion of Cuba's biggest national holiday
by Raúl Castro (26 July 09)

Cuba Condemns Honduran Coup
by Raúll Casto
(29 June 09)

Honduran Coup 'A Suicidal Mistake'
by Fidel Castro (28 June 09)

Cuban Hero's Message from U.S. Prison to Havana Rally
'Our captors have infinite capacity to fall lower'
by Rene Gonzalez (18 June 09)

Democracy Now Interview with Ricardo Alarcón
(17 June 09)

Cuba Responds to Supreme Court Rejecting Five's Appeal
'The struggle miust be multiplied'
Declaration by the presidency of Cuba's Parliament (15 June 09)

Cuba Says 'No' to OAS
Latin America's rejection to U.S.-sponsored expulsion 'historic'
Declaration by the revolutionary government of Cuba (8 June 09)

Ridiculous Response to a Defeat
OAS rejects U.S. Cuba ban, Washington floats 'spy' charges
by Fidel Castro (6 June 09)

Interview with Gerardo Hernández
One of the Five Heroes speaks from prison
by Saul Landau (1 April 09)

Vindication of Cuba
Beyond the OAS
by Nidia Diaz (5 June 09)

CBC Video on the Five
Important, useful video now available (26 May 09)

Cuba and the Imperial Arrogance
Closing remarks at int'l Cuba conference at Queen's University
by Ricardo Alarcón (9 May 09)

Cuba: A Terrorist Country?
by Fidel Castro (2 May 09)

‘Deep Economic, Social, Food, Energy, and Environmental Crisis’
Address to Non-Aligned Movement
by Raúl Castro (29 April 09)

Not a Word about the Blockade
Response to Washington's new regulations
by Fidel Castro (13 April 09)

Healthy Changes within the Council of Ministers
by Fidel Castro (3 March 09)

Council of State Agrees on Movement of Cadres and Reorganization of Agencies
Changes seek more compact and efficient functioning (2 March 09)

The Long March of the Cuban Revolution
'Monthly Review' 50th anniversary article
by Ricardo Alarcón (January 2009)

'50 Years of Resistance and Strength of the People'
Interview with Cuban President Raúl Castro (31 December 2008)

'Decisive Moment in Humankind's History'
'Humannity's Existence at Risk' - Address to UN
by Jose Ramon Machado Ventura (25 September 08)

'No One Can Doubt the Destiny of the Capitalist World'
'Strife is the only prospect'
by Fidel Castro (19 September 08)

Playing the Good Guy at our Expense?
Washington's cynical "aid" offer
by Fidel Castro (16 September 08)

Preliminary Report on Hurricane Damages
Most destructive in Cuban history
from Granma (15 September 08)

Call for Hurricane Relief Aid
See pictures of devastation, how you can help (9 September 08)

55th Anniversary of Attack on Moncada Barracks
Facing future challenges in light of past experiences
by Raúl Castro (26 July 08)

Offical Statement on Conflict in Ossetia
'Georgian invaders should withdraw' (10 August 08)

Raúl Castro Outlines Changes
Report on Central Committee plenary meeting (29 April 08)

Keynote Address Following Election as President
Speech to closing session of new 2008 Parliament
by Raúl Castro (24 Feb 08)

Machado Elected First Vice-President
Biography of second-in-command (24 Feb 08)

What I Wrote on February 19th
by Fidel Castro (21 Feb 08)

Message from the Commander in Chief
'I neither aspire to nor will I accept the positions of President of the State Council and Commander in Chief'
by Fidel Castro (18 Feb)

The Republican Candidate
by Fidel Castro (10 Feb)

Cuban Railways to Be Revitalized
$500 million for ailing system (30 Jan)

U.S., Cuban, and Spanish Elections
Interview with Ricardo Alarcón (27 Jan)

Eyewitness: Voting Day in Cuba
by Arnold August
Easy and clean (21 Jan)

Eyewitness: The 2008 Elections in Cuba
by Arnold August
Talking with the people and the Electoral Commission (19 Jan 08)

Contradictions Abound in Cuban Five Case
Interview with Ricardo Alarcón (12 December 07)

Human Rights
by Felipe Pérez Roque (10 December 07)
Statement to press

New Escalation in Tightening of Blockade
Cuba's UN Mission answers Bush (26 October 07)

Cuba Responds to Bush
Denounces 'more blockade, more subversion' (24 October 07)

U.S. President's Special Speech on Cuba
Transcript of address at State Dept. (24 October 07)

'U.S. Government Perpetrator of Exploitation and Oppression'
by Ernesto Che Guevara (11 December 1964)
Powerful address to UN, reprinted on 40th anniversary of his death

'The Delirium Tremens of the World's Policeman'
Speech at UN on behalf of the Non-Aligned Movement
by Feipe Perez Roque (26 September 07)

'We Are Running out of Time'
Speech at UN Climate Change Conference
by Feipe Perez Roque (24 September 07)

'American People Can Help Free the Five'
Ricardo Alaron at the Roundtable (5 September 07)

Democracy Now! Interview with Leonard Weinglass
Attorney for the Five after appeal hearing
by Amy Goodman and Juan González (23 August 07)

Interview with Leonard Weinglass
Attorney for the Five on the eve of the appeal
by Gloria La Riva (1 August 07)

BBC Interview with Gerardo Hernandez
First radio interview ever granted to The Five (2 July 07)

Vilma Espín Passes Away in Havana
Illness takes central revolutionary, feminist leader (18 June 07)

Manifesto for the People of Cuba
Mr. Bush, you will never have Cuba
by Fidel Castro (17 June 07)

Ideas Cannot Be Killed
War, medicine, and mortality
by Fidel Castro (28 May 07)

For the Deaf Who Won't Listen
Further on burning food for gas; note on personal medical condition
by Fidel Castro (23 May 07)

No One Will Take the Bull by the Horns
Reflections on climate change
by Fidel Castro (22 May 07)

U.S. Bending Backward Not to Extradite
Harboring notorious terrorist Posada Carriles
by Wayne Smith (22 May 07)

The English Submarine
Reflections on imperialist vs. socialist priorities
by Fidel Castro (21 May 07)

Statement by the Revolutionary Government of Cuba
On U.S. granting impunity to admitted bomber Posada Carriles (11 May 07)

Join Friday May 11 Int'l Protests
Extradite Posada Carriles! Free the Five!

The Tragedy Facing Our Species
Reflections on global inequality, immigration, hijacking
by Fidel Castro (7 May 2007)

'Imperative to Have an Immediate Energy Revolution'
May Day message on looming climate castastrophe
by Fidel Castro (1 May 07)

Bookmobile to Cuba Gains Momemtum
How you can help (15 April 07)

'A Brutal Response'
White House behind release of terrorist Posada Carriles
by Fidel Castro (10 April 07)

'Case of Cuban Five Is Unforgivable Cruelty'
Howard Zinn speaks in Boston (9 April 07)

Cuba and the Empire's Invisible Hand
CIA documents prove subtrefuge, pre-1959 hostility
by Ricardo Alarcón (20 February 07)

Changes in Labor Code Postponed
by Manuel Alberto Ramy (4 January 07)

Message to Cuban People
by Fidel Castro (30 December 06)

'We Will Defend Cuba's Soveriegnty at All Costs'
by Raúl Castro (2 December 06)

Why the FBI Is after Me
Feds destroy boxes of evidence against Posada, supoena journalist
by Ann Louis Bardach, Washington Post (11 November 06)

UN Vote Recognition of Cuba's Struggle vs. Blockade
UN votes 183-4 to condemn U.S. embargo (10 November 06)

'Full Solidarity with Palestinian People'
Cuban Foreign Ministry condemns Israeli atrocities (10 November 06)

'U.S. Economic War against Cuba Qualifies as Genocidal Act'
Cuban Foreign Minister to UN before vote (9 November 06)

Same Old Swindle: The Problem of Cheating
Three-part investigative series from Cuba's second-largest paper
Juventud Rebelde [Rebel Youth], October 2006

Chávez: 'Rise up against the Empire'
Venezuelan president's UN address (20 Septmember 06)

Cuban President's Address to the Non-Aligned Movement
by Raúl Castro (15 September 06)

'This Is the Revolution's Most Promising Time'
Cuban vice-president's address to Non-Aligned Movement
by Carlos Lage (14 September 06)

'Non-Aligned Movement Needed More Than Ever'
Address to NAM summit meeting
by Felipe Pérez Roque (11 September 2006)

Message to the Cuban People
by Fidel Castro (5 September 06)

Evo Morales: 'Capitalism Has Only Hurt Latin America'
Der Spiegel interviews Bolivia's president (28 August 06)

Raúl Castro: 'No Enemy Can Defeat Us'
Interview with Cuba's acting President (15 August 06)

The Fidel I Know
by Gabriel García Márquez (August 2006)

Close to Raúl Castro
Our decades of working with Raúl
by José Ramón Fernández and Asela de los Santos (August 06)

Shameful Verdict in Cuban Five Case
New trial denied (11 August 06)

'We Have Experience Resisting the U.S.'
Ricardo Alarcón interveiw with Democracy Now (2 August 06)

'Everything in the Country is Running Perfectly Well'
Post-surgery statement by Fidel Castro (1 August 06)

Announcement from the President to the Cuba People
Fidel annonces illness, temporary step-down (31 July 06)

Imperialism's Latest Crime
Israel's attack on Lebanon
by Fernando Remirez de Estenoz (24 July 06)

Cuba Condemns Israeli Aggression in Gaza
'Inhumane and criminal' (2 July 06)

U.S. Absence from UN Rights Council Punishment for Imperial Arrogance
Speech by Foreign Minister Roque (20 June 06)

Countless U.S.-backed Terrorist Actions against Cuba
Statement before UN Security Council (30 May 06)

Message to 'Hands off Venezuela and Cuba' demonstration
'Together until victory' (May 06)

Cuba's Election to UN Rights Council Double Blow to U.S.
Backed by over two-thirds of world (10 May 06)

Latin America's Time Is Now
Evo, Hugo, and Fidel Speak in Havana (30 April 06)

Detroit City Council Says 'Free the Five'
Text of resolution (29 March 06)

Five Cuban Political Prisoners in U.S.: The Case for a Fair Trial
Seven key points (23 February 06)

Granma: 'A Veritably Lamentable Event'
U.S. Evicts Cubans from Mexico hotel (10 February 06)

Washington Bars U.S. Christian Churches from Cuba
Call for protests to reverse draconian ruling (10 February 06)

Chávez and the Americas' Bright Future
Talk at UN's presentation of Jose Martí award to Venezuela's president
by Fidel Castro (3 February 06)

To the People of the U.S. and the World
Exposing what Washington is up to.
by Fidel Castro (24 January 06)

Evo Morales: 'We Shall Complete the Struggle of Che'
New Bolivian president to indigenous gathering (21 January 06)

Cuban Parliament Reviews Results and Prospects 2005, 2006
Cuba's economic and social policies important reference point for world
from Granma (23 December 05)

'Neoliberal Globalisation Threatens Our Existence'
Key address to the 2nd Cuba – CARICOM Summit. Bridgetown, Barbados.
by Fidel Castro (8 December 05)

'Heroic Angola Saga Never Told in Full'
Commemorating the 30th anniversary of the Cuban Military Mission in Angola and the 49th anniversary of the landing of the Granma.
by Fidel Castro (2 December 2005)

Solidarity Appeal for First U.S. Grad of Cuban Medical School
Wiped out by Katrina and facing high U.S. exam, training costs
National Network on Cuba (November 05)

Unprecedented Viciousness and Brutality of U.S. Embargo
Foreign Minister's speech to the United Nations
by Felipe Pérez Roque (8 November 05)

Necessity of Ending the U.S. Blockade of Cuba
Resolution and report to UN (15 October 05)

Message to the 'Millions More' March
'We two peoples should be together'
by Ricardo Alarcón (15 October 2005)

'I Want to Help My People'
Post-Katrina interview with Dr. Cedric Edwards (September 05)

U.S. Appeals Court Overturns the Five's Guilty Verdict
Understanding the ruling
by Cindy O'Hara (September 05)

Who's Afraid of Whom? Nat Hentoff and the Cuban Revolution
Inside Washington's 'independent library' operation and Hentoff's hatred of Cuba
by Ike Nahem (September 05)

Luís Posada Carriles: Facts & Circumstances
Diplomatic communique to Washington from the government of Venezuela
(10 June 05)

Four Challenges to U.S. Travel Ban
NNOC Call for Support (8 July 05)

Venezuela-US Relations at Stake over US Protecting Terrorist
High international stakes in terror extradition case
AIN News Agency (23 May 05)

'Pervasive and Ferocious Campaign of Terrorism against Cuba'
Succinct presentation of the history and current situation
by Fidel Castro (17 May 05)

'Cuba Will Continue to Commit the Sin of Existing'
May Day address
by Fidel Castro (1 May 2005)

Terrorist Network Operating Openly in the United States
by Jane Franklin (30 April)

Cuban official demands action on Posada
Alarcón says U.S. should reject terrorist's bid for asylum
NBC News (29 April)

The Frustrated Trumpeters of Jericho
In honor of Pope John Paul II
Granma International (11 April)

'UN Human Rights Commission Has Lost Legitimacy'
by Felipe Pérez Roque, Foreign Minister of Cuba (16 March)

'U.S. Power Will Continue to Decline'
Saul Landau interviews Ricardo Alarcón, president of Cuba's parliament

Let's Talk about Cuban Democracy
Bohemia magazine interviews Ricardo Alarcón (March 04)

Cuba Preparing for Post-Castro U.S. Invasion
Conservative Chilean magazine interviews Ricardo Alarcón (9 March 04)

Conspiring with a Foreign Power Is a Crime in Any Country
Answering the State Department's latest 'Human Rights' Charges (11 November 04)

Cuba Calls on U.S. to Stop Torture of Prisoners in Guantánamo
Official statement (19 January 05)

'Battle of Ideas' vs. Dollar's Lure
Revolution in Cuban education (1 November 04)

Dollar Use Suspended in Cuban Economy
Dispatches from Prensa Latina and the AIN news agency explain (28 October 04)

On the UN Resolution to End the U.S. Embargo
Foregn Minister's speech before the 179-4 vote to condemn Washington (28 October 04)

Washington's 'Regime Change' Plans for Cuba
Cuba's head of Parliament makes it clear (12 October 04)

No Cuban Scholars Allowed in the U.S.
New policy: verbatim State Dept. transcript, NY Times article, and background pc.

Riding My Father's Motorcycle
Uncut version of Che's daughter's NY Times piece (9 October 04)

Interview with Relatives of Convicts (‘Dissidents’)
Unmasking the ‘mistreatment’ charges (25 March 04)

The Truth about the Trials
‘Dissidents’ guilt proven, rights respected (25 March 04)

‘End Blockade, Lies and Aggression against Cuba’
Cuban Foreign Minister speaks at UNHCR (17 March 04)

US: Illegal to Correct Cuban Spelling
Cuban scientists denounce U.S. ban on editing, publishing (9 March 04)

The Lies, Fear and Stupidity of the Empire
Cuba answers ‘destabilization’ charges (8 January 04)



Granma, the Cuban daily newspaper (available in English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish)

Granma’s collection of statements and speeches

Additional sources of original material from Cuba

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