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Conspiring with a Foreign Power Is a Crime in Any Country
Answering the State Department's latest 'Human Rights' Charges (11 November)

'Battle of Ideas' vs. Dollar's Lure
Revolution in Cuban education (1 November)

Dollar Use Suspended in Cuban Economy
Dispatches from Prensa Latina and the AIN news agency explain (28 October)

On the UN Resolution to End the U.S. Embargo
Foregn Minister's speech before the 179-4 vote to condemn Washington (28 October)

Washington's 'Regime Change' Plans for Cuba
Cuba's head of Parliament makes it clear (12 October)

No Cuban Scholars Allowed in the U.S.
New policy: verbatim State Dept. transcript, NY Times article, and background pc.

Riding My Father's Motorcycle
Uncut version of Che's daughter's NY Times piece (9 October)

Interview with Relatives of Convicts (‘Dissidents’)
Unmasking the ‘mistreatment’ charges (25 March)

The Truth about the Trials
‘Dissidents’ guilt proven, rights respected (25 March)

‘End Blockade, Lies and Aggression against Cuba’
Cuban Foreign Minister speaks at UNHCR (17 March)

US: Illegal to Correct Cuban Spelling
Cuban scientists denounce ban on editing, publishing (3 September)

The Lies, Fear and Stupidity of the Empire
Cuba answers ‘destabilization’ charges (1 August)



Granma, the Cuban daily newspaper (available in English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish)

Granma’s collection of statements and speeches

Additional sources of original material from Cuba

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