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Racism in Cuba? Answering the Smear Campaign

In late November 2009 long-time Cuban counter-revolutionary Carlos Moore issued a declaration attacking Cuba as both racist and repressive with the appended signatures of 60 U.S. Black figures in academic, professional and artistic circles ('Acting on Our Conscience: A Declaration of African American Support for the Civil Rights Struggle in Cuba '). Moore, who orchestrated the declaration, left Cuba in the 1960s and admits the revolution“led me to despise my own country.” He has spent nearly half a century attacking Cuba, utilizing the fact that he is Black to attempt to lend credibility to his bitter lies and misrepresentations.

Below please find a chronological collection of useful and informative material on this important issue (annotations by

Letter to American Artists and Intellectuals
Leading Cuban artists and scholars challenge charges against Cuba (1 December 2009)

Statement on Civil Rights in Cuba is Misguided and Hypocritical
Abayomi Azikiwe, Editor, Pan-African News Wire (6 December 2009)

We Stand with Cuba! Declaration of African American Activists, Intellectuals and Artists in Continued Solidarity with the Cuban Revolution
Read, sign this petition (10 December 2009)

Cuban Color: An Interview with Esteban Morales
‘Cuba is the only country where blacks and mestizos have the state and government as allies’ Trabajadores, (14 December 2009)

Reverse Images: The Acrimonious Debate on Race in Cuba
by Jean Damu, San Francisco Bay View (15 December 2009)
Valuable investigation of Moore, but especially of differences between the racial histories and cultures of English and Spanish colonies

In Solidarity with the Real Anti-Racist Movement in Cuba
Read, sign this petition (25 December 2009)

Latest Attack on Cuba Falsifies History of Fight against Racism
from The Militant, U.S. socialist newsweekly (1 February 2010)

see also 'Racism Born of Exploitation' [Fidel's 2001 address to the UN anti-racism conference in South Africa] and other articles about race in Cuba

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