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Friday, May 11th International Protests Demand:

Extradite Posada Carriles! Free the Five!

See list of local actions at

Dear NNOC Members and Friends,

In the two years since Luis Posada Carriles boldly announced his presence in the United States by calling a press conference, the National Network On Cuba (NNOC), has joined in international efforts to demand justice and to expose his history of terrorist activities; actions supported, financed and directed by the highest levels of the United States government.

Despite Posada's admission of terrorism including masterminding the 1976 bombing of a Cuban airliner killing all 73 persons on board and involvement in a series of bombings in Cuba in the 1990's, the United States has refused to charge him for what he is:  a terrorist, and has refused to extradite him to Venezuela as mandated by long standing agreements between the United States and Venezuela. For two years there has been a worldwide demand that he be brought to justice. For two years the United States has held him only on minor immigration charges.

On May 11, 2007, Posada is scheduled to return to El Paso, Texas for trial on the immigration charges. We join the call for justice to be done and for demonstrations to be held demanding that the Bush/Alberto Gonzalez Department of Justice stop protecting this international terrorist. We urge you to add your signatures to the nearly 5000 others demanding that Posada must be tried for his crimes at  Write an op-ed or letter to the editor of your local paper. Contact Attorney General Alberto Gonzales (202-353- 1555) and demand that Posada be extradited to Venezuela.  As an example, please see the letter that follows which was written by an NNOC member and published in the Boston Globe. Send reports of your local actions this Friday and beyond that you'd like to share with other NNOC groups and we will distribute them to the list serve.

In Solidarity,

NNOC Co Chairs
Patsy Behrend
Marilyn McKenna
Ignacio Meneses
Sobukwe Shukura
Nalda Vigezzi

Letter in Boston Globe:
Your April 21 editorial mentions several of the hundreds of acts of terrorism against Cuba. It also states that Carriles couldn't expect a fair trial in Havana. This demands the comparison with the possibility that the Cuban Five would receive a fair trial in Miami. Five Cuban men were sent to the United States to monitor and provide information on counterrevolutionary groups based in Florida and involved in terrorist acts against Cuba. After the Cuban government provided the United States with documentary evidence of these terrorist activities, the United States arrested, tried, and convicted the five men.

In August 2005, a three-judge panel of the federal appellate court in Atlanta reversed the convictions, concluding that the five did not receive a fair trial in Miami. Rather than ordering a new trial outside of Miami, Attorney General Gonzales called upon the full Appeals Court for the 11th Circuit to review the decision. The court rejected the earlier decision and sent the matter back to the panel. This case, which has received virtually no coverage in the US media, demonstrates the double standard with which the United States applies "justice."


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