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Cuba's Election to UN Rights Council a Double Blow to US

HAVANA - Cuba's tremendous victory at the UN, where the General Assembly overwhelmingly elected her to a seat on the new Human Rights Council Tuesday, was a double blow to US pretensions: it opposed Cuba and feared to present itself because the vote was free and secret.

The election of Cuba (135 of the 191 members) to this most important UN body is irrefutable proof of the international prestige of the Island and a testimony to the Island's firmness in denouncing and resisting the superpower's pretensions of domination, as well as her struggle together with the countries of Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean.

A declaration from the Cuban Chancellery expressed that, in addition, the election corroborated the generalized discredit of the anti-Cuban maneuvers promoted by the US over the last two decades in the Human Rights Commission.

This vote demonstrates that Washington cannot exclude or condemn Cuba in any international forum when conditions exist for countries to exercise their vote freely and secretly, submitting only to the dictates of their conscience, the Ministry document pointed out.

The text also noted the double rout for the Empire, because the Bush administration could not present its candidature for one of the 47 seats on the Council, fearing defeat in a secret ballot.

As usual, the Cuban Chancellery said, the United States counted on the subordination and complicity of many in the European Union and other industrialized countries.

The note particularly mentioned the Czech Republic, which humiliating submission again illustrated its government's opportunistic and sad visibility in behaving as a salaried puppet to the imperialist power circles and the anti-Cuban terrorist Mafia in Miami.

The massive participation of the countries of the UN, all 191 members voted and no vote was annulled, ended months of heated debates, and was highlighted by Swedish Chancellor Jan Eliasson, Assembly president, as a reflection of everyone's interest in this important topic.

In addition to Cuba, Argentina, Brazil, Ecuador, Guatemala, Mexico, Peru and Uruguay were elected to the Council from Latin America and the Caribbean.

Although to be elected candidates only needed at least 96 votes, Cuba's comfortable over two-thirds win represents recognition of Cuba as a defender of human rights for all, Cuban Ambassador to the United Nations Rodrigo Malmierca said.

The new Council, replacing the discredited Human Rights Commission –manipulated by the rich powers to become a court against third world countries– was approved by the General Assembly in March.

Cuba will work in the new Council in favor of developing countries that are always accused of human rights violations while silence is maintained against the torture and other abuses committed by the powerful.

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