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Record Figure of Visually Impaired at Cuban Universities  

HAVANA, Cuba, June 9 [ACN] –Cuban universities have a record number of 267
visually impaired students this year.

Physical therapy, law, psychology, social and cultural studies, and
physical education, are some of the specialities being studied by these

The visually impaired are also making incursions into other specialties.
For example, the first two students who graduated in singing at Havana’s
Institute of Higher Arts (ISA), and Felix Carrera, who is currently
studying Veterinary Science at Havana’s Fructuoso Rodriguez Agricultural

More than 600 visually impaired students have also entered polytechnic
institutes, art schools and other centers thanks to the opportunities
created by the Cuban government.  

Among the factors favoring the integration of these students into
education institutes is the provision of adequate housing, Braille
equipment, tape recorders and other school materials. The students are
guaranteed related jobs after graduating.  

Cuban News Agency

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