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Washington has used everything in its arsenal to bring down the Cuban Revolution – embargo, assassinations, invasions, bacteriological and chemical weapons, and even the threat of world nuclear conflagration.

But its most powerful weapons are lies – Big Lies repeatedly endlessly by government officials and the massive U.S. media machine, lies spread since the earliest days of the revolution. Washington wants us to believe that Cuba is a "Stalinist police state" that threatens the world with communist subversion, spying, biological weapons, and cyber-terrorism.

Though the most of the world laughs at these charges –and votes nearly unanimously in the UN to condemn Washington’s embargo against Cuba– refutations of the lies get little circulation in the U.S. We hope you will find the topics below useful.



Cuba's Electoral System
Summary from the Cuban Interests Section ('Embassy') in DC. (April 05)

How Cuba Works
by Richard Levins Harvard professor's overview. (March 05)

U.S. & Cuba: Democracy Differences
by Tom Crumpacker Contrast doesn't flatter the North. (Jan 05)



Washington's 'Cuban Dissidents'
by Salim Lamrani Well-researched. Feb. 05, Z Magazine

Progressive Cuba Bashing
Digging into 'Left' capitulation to lies about Cuba
by Richard Levins (Mar 03)


'Independent Libraries'

Who's Afraid of Whom? Nat Hentoff and the Cuban Revolution
by Ike Nahem w/ intro by Ann Sparanese Behind the vitriol. April 05

The Myth of the 'Independent Libraries'
by Salim Lamrani Another well-researched piece. May 04

Cuban Librarians Salute U.S. Colleagues
by Maribel Duarte González Press release. Jan. 04

Who Are the 'Friends of Cuban Libraries'?
by Ann C. Sparanese Inside the dirty psy-op. Jan. 01



Reporters without Britches
by Caroline Cositore Hands in U.S. till. Jan. 06

The Lies of 'Reporters without Borders'
by Salim Lamrani Exposé with full footnotes May 05




'U.S. Has No Alternative But to Lie, Lie, Lie'
by Fidel Castro Devastating reply to bio-weapons charge. May 02



[Sample article]
Sept. '03, El Diario



[Sample article]
Sept. '03, El Diario

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)
What is the Human Rights Situation in Cuba?
Is Cuba a Terrorist Nation?
Why Does Cuba Have Only One Political Party?
Is There Religious Freedom in Cuba?
Does the Rest of the World Share the U.S. Policy Toward Cuba?

The answers to these questions can also be downloaded as PDFs for your convenience. (See the View/Print as PDF Document link at the bottom of each Answer.)

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