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Felipe Pérez Roque
Foreign Minister, Republic of Cuba

Human Rights
Statement to press; 10 December 2007

'The Delirium Tremens of the World's Policeman'
Speech at UN on behalf of the Non-Aligned Movement; 26 September 2007

'We Are Running out of Time'
Speech at UN Climate Change Conference; 24 September 2007

UN Human Rights Council at Risk
Washington's machinations threaten defense of essential liberties; 13 March 2007

'U.S. Economic War against Cuba Qualifies as Genocidal Act'
Address to UN before vote against embargo; 9 November 2006

'Non-Aligned Movement Needed More Than Ever'
Address to NAM summit meeting; 11 September 2006

U.S. Absence from UN Rights Council Punishment for Imperial Arrogance
Cuba elected, U.S. not; 20 June 2006

Unprecedented 'Viciousness and Brutality' of U.S. Blockade
Speech to UN before vote against embargo; 8 November 2005

'UN Human Rights Commission Has Lost Legitimacy'
Statement at the High-Level Segment of the 61st Session of the Commission on Human Rights; Geneva, 16 March 2005

'Mighty Empire Fears Small Rebellious Island'
Motivating the vote against the embargo at UN General Assembly; 28 October 2004

'It Will Not Always Be Like This'
Frank talk about the UN to the General Assembly, 22 September 2004

'End the Blockade, Lies, and Aggression against Cuba'
Address to the UNHRC, 17 March 2004


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Felipe Pérez Roque


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