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raúl castro in uniform, listening, with a small smile
Raúl Castro
President of the Council of State and the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Cuba

Two Centuries of Common History Have Taught Us We Have Only One Alternative: Unite, Fight, and Overcome
Address to ALBA conference in Caracas (19 April 2010)

'Focusing on Problems, Economic Battle Main Task’
Frank talk to revolutionary youth (4 April 2010)

Protecting and Preserving Socialism
State of the Revolution address to Cuba's Parliament (1 August 2009)

The Modest Results Reaffirm Our Optimism and Confidence That Yes, We Can Do It!
Speech on Cuba’s biggest national holiday (26 July 2009)

‘Deep Economic, Social, Food, Energy, and Environmental Crisis’
Address to Non-Aligned Movement
(29 April 2009)

'50 Years of Resistance and Strength of the People'
Extensive interview on 50th anniversary of Revolution (31 December 2008)

55th Anniversary of Attack on Moncada Barracks
Facing future challenges in light of past experiences (26 July 08)

Keynote Address Following Election as President
Speech to closing session of first 2008 Parliament (24 February 08)

'Responsibility of All Cubans to Make Revolution Stronger'
Speech at the National Assembly of Peoples Power (27 December 07)

'Our People Will Never Give an Inch of Ground'
Speech on the national revolutionary holiday
(26 July 07)

'We Will Defend Cuba's Sovereignty at All Costs'
Speech on 50th anniversary of guerilla landing (2 December 06)

Address to Non-Aligned Movement
with closing statement (15/16 September 2006)

'No Enemy Can Defeat Us'
Interview with the Cuban daily Granma (18 August 2006)


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