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Cuba Speaks: Other Voices

Haiti: New U.S. Military Base?
Earthquake pretext to complete strategic control of Caribbean
Radio Havana editorial (21 January 2010)

Cuban Color
'Cuba only country where blacks and mestizos have government as ally'
Interview with Esteban Morales (14 December 2009)

Letter to American Artists and Intellectuals
Afro-Cubans respond to 'racism' smear against Cuba (3 December 2009)

Shots without Shotgun
Revolution necessary but not sufficient to eliminate racism
Interview with Esteban Morales (29 October 2008)

'Decisive Moment in Humankind's History'
'Humanity's existence at risk' –Address to United Nations
by Jose Ramon Machado Ventura (25 September 08)

Interview with Mariela Castro
'The party was rigid on gay rights' (10 May 08)

'Food Crisis Structural, Not Passing'
by Esteban Lazo Hernandez (7 May 08)

Message to the U.S. Social Forum
from Cuba's popular organizations (June 07)

'We Are Seeing the Most Promising Time of the Revolution'
Cuban VP's address to Non-Aligned Movement
by Carlos Lage Dávila (September 2006)

The Latest Crime of Imperialism
Israel's invasion of Lebanon
by Fernando Remirez de Estenoz (July 2006)

Culture and Freedom in Cuba
Interview with Abel Prieto, Minister of Culture (November 2004)

Cuban Scientists Denounce Ban on Editing, Publishing
U.S. says it's illegal to correct Cuban spelling (March 2004)

Interview with Relatives of the Convicts ('Dissidents')
Unmasking the 'mistreatment' charges (March 2004)

Against Racism, Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia and All Forms of Discrimination
Rodolfo Reyes speaks out at the Human Rights Commission (March 2001)


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Official Statements by the government of Cuba
Ricardo Alarcon (president of the National Assembly)
Fidel Castro
Raúl Castro
Ernesto Che Guevara
The Miami Five (prisoners of the Empire)
Bruno Rodríguez Parilla (Foreign Minister)
Felipe Pérez Roque (ex-Foreign Minister)



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