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Official Statements by the Republic of Cuba

The following have been issued in the Cuban daily Granma or by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (also known by its Spanish acronym MINREX). Links to statements by Cuba's President Fidel Castro, Parliamentary president Ricardo Alarcón, or Foreign Minister Felipe Pérez Roque are located in the right-hand box.

Council of State Agrees on Movement of Cadres and Reorganization of Agencies
Changes seek more compact and efficient functioning (2 March 09)

Preliminary Report on Damages from Hurricanes Gustav and Ike
Detailed report on devastation (15 September 08)

Replies to U.S. Post-Hurricane 'Aid' Offer
Rejecting inspection demands, requesting right to buy U.S. goods (6 and 9 September 08)

Official Statement on Situation in South Ossetia
'Georgian invaders should withdraw'

'Full Solidarity with Palestinians'
Cuba condemns Israeli 'atrocities' (10 November 06)

Cuba Condemns Israeli Military Agression in the Gaza Strip
'Inhumane and criminal' (2 July 06)

Countless U.S.-backed Terrorist Actions against Cuba
Statement before UN Security Council (30 May 06)

A Veritably Lamentable Event
U.S. bars Cubans from Mexican hotel (10 February 06)

Necessity of Ending the U.S. Blockade of Cuba
Resolution and report to UN (11 October 05)

Cuba Calls on U.S. to Stop Torture of Prisoners in Guantánamo
(19 January 05)

The Frustrated Trumpeters of Jericho
In honor of John Paul II (11 April 05)

Conspiring with a Foreign Power Constitutes a Crime in Any Country
MINREX statement (5 November 04)

The Lies, Fear, and Stupidity of the Empire
MINREX statement (8 January 04)



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Official Cuban Govt.


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