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For more than 40 years Washington’s been trying to put up a wall around Cuba. While telling everyone Cuba’s a terrible place, the U.S. won’t let its citizens go there and see for themselves.

It bars nearly all Cubans from visiting the United States – and confines Cuban diplomats to New York City and Washington DC – to further cut off communication between Americans and the island.

Meanwhile the vast U.S. media machinery won’t present Cubans’ own words and ideas. (No hour of free TV time here for a Cuban to address the nation, as Cuba gave former president James Carter.)

All this means that the overwhelming majority of people in the U.S. have never read a single speech by, or interview with, a Cuban.

You can help break through the efforts to isolate us from Cuba and its people by clicking on the material either below or to the side and reading what Washington doesn’t want you to. And you can fight the wall by joining a group in your area that’s in favor of normalizing relations with Cuba.


(Material organized by speaker in the 'Statements and Interviews' box to the right)

55th Anniversary of Attack on Moncada Barracks
Facing future challenges in light of past experiences
by Raúl Castro (26 July 08)

'The Goal Had to Be Socialism'
20th anniversary reflections on revolution's beginning, currently serialized in Granma

by Fidel Castro (26 July 1973)

Pax Romana
Reflection on U.S., FARC role in Colombia
by Fidel Castrto (5 July 08)

Fidel Hails Hostages' Freedom
'Civilians should never have been kidnapped''
by Fidel Castro (3 July 08)

Keynote Address Following Election as President
Speech to closing session of first 2008 Parliament
by Raúl Castro (24 February 08)

What I Wrote on February 19th
by Fidel Castro (21 February 08)

Message from the Commander in Chief
'I neither aspire to nor will I accept the positions of President of the State Council and Commander in Chief'
by Fidel Castro (18 February 08)

The Republican Candidate
by Fidel Castro (10 February 08)

Elections: U.S., Cuban, and Spanish
Interview with Ricardo Alarcón (27 January 08)

Message to the National Assembly
by Fidel Castro (27 December 07)

Contradictions Abound in Cuban Five Case
Interview with Ricardo Alarcón (12 December 07)

Human Rights
Felipe Pérez Roque statement to press (10 December 07)

The Empire and the Independent Island
History of Guantánamo, Platt Amendment
by Fidel Castro (14 August 07)

Hard and Obvious Realities
U.S. rules by diktat
by Fidel Castro (3 August 07)

The Eternal Flame
A year after the first proclamation
by Fidel Castro (31 July 07)

'Our People Will Never Give an Inch of Ground'
Acting president delares Cuba stronger than ever at Cuba's most important holiday
by Raúl Castro (26 July 07)

BBC Interview with Gerardo Hernández
First radio interview ever granted to one of The Five (2 July 07)

The Killing Machine
CIA 'Family Jewels' and JFK Assassination
by Fidel Castro (30 June 07)

Message to the U.S. Social Forum
Another World Is Possible
from Cuba's Popular Organizations (June 07)

Manifesto for the People of Cuba
Mr. Bush, you will never have Cuba
by Fidel Castro (17 June 07)

Ideas Cannot Be Killed
War, medicine, and mortality
by Fidel Castro (28 May 07)

For the Deaf Who Won't Listen
Further on burning food for gas; note on personal medical condition
by Fidel Castro (23 May 07)

No One Will Take the Bull by the Horns
Reflections on climate change
by Fidel Castro (22 May 07)

'The English Submarine'
Reflections on imperialist vs. socialist priorities
by Fidel Castro (21 May 07)

Statement by the Revolutionary Government of Cuba
On U.S. granting impunity to admitted bomber Posada Carriles (11 May 07)

The Tragedy Facing Our Species
Reflections on global inequality, immigration, hijacking
by Fidel Castro (7 May 07)

'Imperative to Have an Immediate Energy Revolution'
May Day message
by Fidel Castro (1 May 07)

'A Brutal Response'
White House behind release of terrorist Posada Carriles
by Fidel Castro (10 April 07)

UN Human Rights Council at Risk
Washington's machinations threaten defense of essential liberties
by Felipe Pérez Roque (13 March 07)

Cuba and the Empire's Invisible Hand
CIA documents prove subtrefuge, pre-1959 hostility
by Ricardo Alarcón (20 February 07)

Message to Cuban People
by Fidel Castro (30 December 06)

'We Will Defend Cuba's Sovereignty at All Costs'
by Raúl Castro (2 December 06)

'Full Solidarity with Palestinian People'
Cuban Foreign Ministry condemns Israeli atrocities (10 November 06)

'U.S. Economic War against Cuba Qualifies as Genocidal Act'
Cuban Foreign Minister to UN before vote (9 November 06)

'Same Old Swindle': The Problem of Cheating
Three-part investigative series from Cuba's second-largest paper
Juventud Rebelde [Rebel Youth], October 2006

Chávez: 'Rise up against the Empire'
Venezuelan president's UN address (20 Septmember 06)

Cuban President's Address to the Non-Aligned Movement
by Raúl Castro (15 September 06)

'This Is the Revolution's Most Promising Time'
Cuban vice-president's address to Non-Aligned Movement
by Carlos Lage (14 September 06)

Message to Cuban People
by Fidel Castro (5 September 06)

Statement on 80th Birthday
by Fidel Castro (13 August 06)

'Everything in the Country is Running Perfectly Well'
by Fidel Castro Post-surgery statement (1 August 06)

Announcement from the President to the Cuba People
Fidel announces illness, temporary step-down (31 July 06)

Chávez and the Bright Future of the Americas
by Fidel Castro
Talk at UN presentation of 'Jose Martí' award to Venezuela's president (3 February 06)

To the People of the U.S. and the World
by Fidel Castro Exposing what Washington is up to. 24 January 2006

'Neoliberal Globalisation Threatens Our Existence'
by Fidel Castro Keynote address to 2nd Cuba – CARICOM Summit. Bridgetown, Barbados (8 December 2005)

'Heroic Angola Saga Never Told in Full'
by Fidel Castro Commemorating 30th anniversary of Cuban Military Mission in Angola and 49th anniversary of landing of the Granma (2 December 2005)

History and Future
by Fidel Castro Is the revolutionary process reversible? Wide-ranging contemplations (17 November 2005)

Message to the 'Millions More' March
'We two peoples should be together'
by Ricardo Alarcón (15 October 2005)

Necessity of Ending the U.S. Blockade of Cuba
Resolution and report to UN (11 October 05)

'Pervasive and Ferocious Campaign of Terrorism against Cuba'
Succinct presentation of the history and current situation
by Fidel Castro (17 May 05)

'Cuba Will Continue to Commit the Sin of Existing'
May Day address
by Fidel Castro (1 May 05)

Cuban official demands action on Posada
Alarcón says U.S. should reject terrorist's bid for asylum
NBC News (29 April 05)

The Frustrated Trumpeters of Jericho
In honor of Pope John Paul II
Granma International (11 April 05)

'UN Human Rights Commission Has Lost Legitimacy'
by Felipe Pérez Roque, Foreign Minister of Cuba (16 March 05)

'U.S. Power Will Continue to Decline'
Saul Landau interviews Ricardo Alarcón (March 05)

Let's Talk about Cuban Democracy
Bohemia magazine interviews Ricardo Alarcón (March 05)

Cuba Preparing for Post-Castro U.S. Invasion
Conservative Chilean magazine interviews Ricardo Alarcón (9 March 05)

Cuba Calls on U.S. to Stop Torture of Prisoners in Guantánamo
Official statement (19 January 05)

Conspiring with a Foreign Power Is a Crime in Any Country
Answering the State Department's latest 'Human Rights' Charges (11 November 04)

Culture and Freedom in Cuba
Bracing interview with Abel Prieto, Minister of Culture (November 04)

On the UN Resolution to End the U.S. Embargo
Foregn Minister's speech before 179-4 vote condemns Washington
by Felipe Pérez Roque (28 October 04)

Washington's 'Regime Change' Plans for Cuba
Cuba's head of Parliament makes it clear
by Ricardo Alarcón (12 October 04)

Riding My Father's Motorcycle
Uncut version of Che's daughter's NY Times piece
by Aleida Guevara (9 October 04)

'It Will Not Always Be Like This'
Foreign Minister's speech at the UN
by Felipe Pérez Roque (22 September 04)

Fidel: 'Long Live the Truth'
Against the 'human traficking' slander
by Fidel Castro (26 July 04)

Second Open Letter to President Bush
Responding to the Powell Commission's 'regime change' plans
by Fidel Castro (21 May 04)

Interview with Relatives of Convicts (‘Dissidents’)
Unmasking the ‘mistreatment’ charges (25 March 04)

The Truth about the Trials
‘Dissidents’ guilt proven, rights respected (25 March 04)

‘End Blockade, Lies and Aggression against Cuba’
Cuban Foreign Minister speaks at UNHCR
by Felipe Pérez Roque (17 March 04)

US: Illegal to Correct Cuban Spelling
Cuban scientists denounce ban on editing, publishing (9 March 04)

The Lies, Fear and Stupidity of the Empire
Cuba answers ‘destabilization’ charges (8 January 04)



Official Statements by the government of Cuba
Ricardo Alarcon (president of the National Assembly)
Fidel Castro
Ernesto Che Guevara
The Miami Five (prisoners of the Empire)
Felipe Pérez Roque (Foreign Minister)


Granma, the Cuban daily newspaper (available in English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish)

Granma’s collection of statements and speeches

Additional sources of original material from Cuba

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