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Message to the Cuban People

by Fidel Castro
from , 5 September 2006

[Editor's note: Fidel references what he wrote in a post-surgery statement to the Cuban people that thanks to Washington's decades of fixation on removing him –and its plans to follow with extreme regime-change operations– "my state of health has turned into a state secret which cannot be constantly disclosed, and the compatriots must understand this."]

Dear compatriots,

Recently, some film footage and photographs were published that our people liked very much.

Some of you, correctly, thought that I looked a little thin, as the only unfavorable element. I am very happy that you noticed that. This enables me to send you a number of more recent photos, and at the same time, inform you that in just a few days, I lost 41 pounds. And, just a little while ago, they removed the last of my stitches after 34 days of convalescence.

Every single day, even during the most difficult ones after July 26, I have made an effort to overcome the adverse political consequences of this health problem that was so unexpected.

The result is that, for my own tranquility, I made progress on several important matters. I can tell you that the book Cien Horas con Fidel (100 Hours with Fidel), by (Ignacio) Ramonet, in which I was revising in detail my replies at the time that I became ill, is practically finished and will soon be published, as I had promised you. And that has not kept me from strictly fulfilling my responsibilities as a disciplined patient.

I can affirm to you that the most critical moment is behind us. I am now recovering at a satisfactory rate. In the coming days, I will be receiving distinguished visitors; that does not mean that every activity is immediately going to be accompanied by film footage or photographs, although news will always be provided about each one of them.

We should all understand that it is not convenient to systematically offer information, or to provide images of my health process. Likewise, we should all understand, realistically, that the time for my complete recovery, like it or not, will be a lengthy one.

Presently, I am not in any rush, and nobody should be worried. The country is running fine and making progress.

Today the new school year has begun with more students and perspectives than at any other time for our country. What a wonderful event!

There is just one more detail: to ask all honest compatriots, whom together constitute the overwhelming majority of the people, not to blame anyone for the discretion that, in the interest of our homeland and our Revolution, I have asked of everyone.

Infinite thanks!

Fidel Castro Ruz
4 September 2006


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