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'Everything in the Country is Running Perfectly Well'

Full text of Cuban President Fidel Castro's message on 1 August 2006

I do not want to create good news, because it would not be ethical. And if it were bad news, the only one to take advantage of it would be the enemy.

Due to the Empire's plans, my state of health has turned into a state secret which cannot be constantly disclosed, and the compatriots must understand this.

I cannot say it is a stable situation, but a real evolution in the state of health needs time. The most I can say is that the situation will remain stable during the coming days until I can give a verdict.

I am very grateful for the messages received by our compatriots and many people from around the world. I regret having caused so much concern and discomfort to our friends in the world.

I am in perfect spirits. What is most important is that everything in the country is running perfectly well. The country is preparing its defense by the Revolutionary Armed Forces and Cuban people.

Our compatriots will know everything in due time as they did when I stumbled and fell. We must struggle and work.


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