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Ricardo Alarcón de Quesada
President, National Assembly of Peoples' Power [Parliament] of Cuba;
Vice-President, Republic of Cuba

The Untold Story of the Cuban Five
Invaluable series published in CounterPunch (August 09)

The Long March of the Cuban Revolution
Sweeping review of Cuban history and current situation
January 2009 issue of Monthly Review

Cuba and the Imperial Arrogance
Closing remarks at int'l Cuba conference at Queen's University (9 May 09)

Cuba Responds to Supreme Court Rejecting Five's Appeal
'The struggle miust be multiplied' (15 June 09)

Elections: Cuban, U.S., and Spanish
Interview with Ricardo Alarcón (Jan 08)

Contradictions Abound in Cuban Five Case
Interview with Ricardo Alarcón (Dec 07)

Cuba and the Empire's Invisible Hand
CIA documents prove subtrefuge, pre-1959 hostility (Feb 07)

'We Have Long Experience Resisting the U.S.'
Interview with Democracy Now (Aug 06)

Message to 'Hands off Venezuela and Cuba' demonstration
'Together until victory' (May 06)

Message to 'Millions More' March
'Our two peoples should be together' (Oct 05)

Action Demanded on Terrorist Posada Carriles
Interview with NBC News (April 05)

Let's Talk about Cuban Democracy
Interview with La Bohemia (March 05)

'U.S. Power Will Continue to Decline'
Wide-ranging interview with Saul Landau (March 05)

Cuba Preparing for Post-Castro Invasion by Uncle Sam
Interview with the Chilean conservative magazine Qué Pasa (March 05)

Washington's 'Regime Change' Plans for Cuba
Responding to the Powell Commission (Oct 04)

A Sun That Will Never Burn Out
Clear and moving presentation on the case of the Five (Feb 02)

Dear John: You Were Always among Us
Tribute to John Lennon and the Sixties (December 2000)

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Ricardo Alarcón


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